Bath Wraps

For lounging by the pool, bath wraps are a wonderful luxury. They are similar to a bathrobe but lack the long sleeves and overall length.

Have you ever stepped out of the shower and just wanted to lounge around the home for a bit? Or how about when you jumped out of the pool but didn’t want to remove your bathing suit yet? Bath wraps or spa wraps for men and women are ideal for these situations. You can wear bath wraps or hooded robes over your wet bathing suit, or bare body after a shower, and cover your intimate parts.

Common types and designs available

The sky’s the limit when it comes to bath wraps. People enjoy different printed designs, plain colors, and even complex patterns. Below are some common materials and patterns.

  • terry cloth material

This is a soft, towel-textured material that is absorbent and comfortable to the touch.

  • mink polyester

A style favorite from some designer brands, this mink material is extremely soft. The downside is it isn’t as absorbent as cotton.

  • cotton bath wraps

This is, arguably, the most popular material for bath wraps for women. Cotton bath wraps are highly absorbent, will keep you cozy and dry by the pool, or they are great companions fresh out of the shower.

  • animal print bath wraps

These are geared toward children. Your child can wear a wrap that has the hood resembling a duck, dolphin, and even a butterfly.

  • bath towel wraps with removable straps

The removable straps make it convenient for different sized people. When it comes to print for these, some go with a faux-fur while others simply enjoy floral pattern or zebra stripes.

Shopping tips when buying bath wraps for men, women and kids

If you’re going to be purchasing bath wraps for yourself or the family soon, then keep a few shopping tips in mind.                 

Tip #1

For the man on your gift list, make sure you know what size and style he requires. Men can be particular about colors and patterns as well so select a flat color if it is a surprise gift. Bath wraps for men should have a simple pattern and subdued colors. In general, the more feminine the bath wraps look, the less likely men will wear them.

Tip #2

When it comes to bath wraps for women, make sure you keep in mind what colors the lady likes. Ask her and hint about different colors of objects to see what she responds to and remember that information. Once you have an idea of the colors she likes, pick a suitable near match or exact match in a bath wrap design and order it for her. Keep in mind her size and height and ask if she’d prefer strap or strapless.

Tip #3

Bath wraps for kids are the most fun to shop. They come in the most adorable animal prints with faces printed right on the hoods of the wraps. You will have to identify the types of animals (or bugs) that the kids like in fabric patterns before you go shopping. Then simply get a height measurement of the child and bring that information to a bath wraps retailer or online store.